An 86 Fest/Retro Toyota Show in Scotland?

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An 86 Fest/Retro Toyota Show in Scotland?

Postby mad_matt » Tue May 10, 2016 9:45 am

Hi Guys,

I had a little thought while chatting to a couple from AEU86 and, while my car is a while off at the moment, it is just a thought at the moment.
Would people attend an AE86, GT86, BRZ and Retro Toyota meet in Scotland, specifically - Driftland.

It has a very large (albeit Dirt, at the moment) car park, a Tarmaced Paddock area at the top and a Stock car circuit that has been used for Show and Shine in previous events.

It's easily accessible from the Main motorway out of Edinburgh and there's obviously a Drift track for people that fancy having a go - could be a possibility for a sprint type session also.

I could start making things happen for next year and get the word out. There's nothing like this North of the Border.

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