Toyota TPS - interchangeable?

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Toyota TPS - interchangeable?

Postby Bagpuss » Thu Apr 23, 2015 11:05 am

This isn't strictly ae86 related as my corolla has a 1uz in it, but as they're still Toyota parts I'll post here anyway :mrgreen:

The TPS on my 1uz has a dodgy point at about 50% throttle, making the car hesitate and miss on moderate load. It runs sweet as a nut on WOT and cruises fine so I can't think it'll be anything else causing the issue!

Now for the real issue, as I'm running an early 1uz (stronger rods) the TPS that properly matches that engine is only available through Toyota and ordered from Japan, at considerable cost. As a solution I'm wondering if later gen TPS's can be used on an early gen 1uz? Visually there are no differences, the connections are the same and they're used on the same engine, I've seen a couple of people say it's possible but I just want to double check before I go and buy one.

Cheers guys!
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