Matt's "Drives as fast as it's Towed" 85 Levin Coupe

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Re: Matt's "Drives as fast as it's Towed" 85 Levin Coupe

Postby lewisnoakes » Sat Apr 02, 2016 11:19 pm

Drop me a message on FB I want to see updates!!
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Re: Matt's "Drives as fast as it's Towed" 85 Levin Coupe

Postby mad_matt » Thu Apr 07, 2016 12:09 pm

Time for some updates.
I am in progress of taking out the good, still worky bits that are no good to me, to sell on to fund my project and keep other brother's and sister's projects alive.

The T50 was sold along with the Modified 20v Head with dizi and water kit and manifold to Will.
The Kouki axle with double rose jointed panhard rod went to Kevin.
The remaining good pistons, rods, timing covers and, oddly, head bolts (?!) went to a couple of guys from Hungary.

There's still a few things that can be useful to folk: Front Brakes, Rear 4 Links, Rear Tokico Shocks and RSR Springs, 2 x 7 rib blocks, gearbox cross-member, Japanese Over Axle aftermarket exhaust with Decat, interior cluster, 20v ECU and loom, 20v Head and whatever I get when I take apart the current 20v, so I'll keep going until my canvas is clean! car is currently sitting in a council lock up, with no rear end on it, sitting on a Cask trolley (STUPENDOUSLY HANDY, BIG 8" wheels and solid construction, rolls SO easy) and tyre under the fuel tank and front end on the ground, covered in dirt and interior slightly mouldy, no gearbox and half an engine :lol:

My parts bag (for a post later) is huge and heavy, but still needs more and I can't wait to get stuck in!

My TO-DO feels even bigger!
- Finish removing 20v, Strip, Inspect, Sell/Scrap
- Measure and Cut front Subframe for F20 Sump
- "Massage" Transmission tunnel for F20 gearbox and notch for shift hole
- Remove dash and 4AGE Clocks ready for future clock conversion and wiring
- Fitment of new axle, mate previous Prop with new one.
- Tidy up engine bay
- Send away for welding/Rust repairs
- Strip F20 for inspection/parts replacement/freshen up
AND probably much more that I can't think of right now...

As she was when I got her:

As she was when she was on the road:

As she stands (or leans) at the moment: ... o%20resize

[I noticed the forum doesn't allow anything over 1200p high, so I will bear this in mind for the future. Phone settings have been adjusted to reflect but I'm too lazy to go through and resize the previous pictures, they aren't too important :P]
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